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St. Moriz Insta-Grad Tanning Mousse 200ml

St. Moriz Insta-Grad Tanning Mousse 200ml

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Buy any two St Moriz Advanced Pro products and receive a free complete St Moriz gift bag!

Bag contains: Exfoliating body scrub, medium tanning mousse and oil free moisturizer.


The Insta-Grad Tanning Mousse is an advanced dual acting formulation, which delivers a convenient, time saving way to achieve an instant colour, plus builds up a natural glow over time.

Shake (closed bottle) well before use and then apply a small amount of mousse evenly, in a circular motion onto the body and face.

To avoid streaks on knees and elbows, bend when applying to these areas.

The tan will give you an instant colour, so you don’t need to wait. When you do shower it off you’ll be left with a subtle natural glow. Build it up daily for a deeper tan



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